POINT OF MURDER [A Nick Bancroft Mystery, Book 4] by Bob Liter

They killed his protege ... so he began to tear the town apart with his bare hands, starting with its top elected officials!

When reporter Nick Bancroft's protégé, Bobby Scalf, is found murdered with a large spike in his head, Nick, while trying to find out who killed the boy and the reason why, discovers a conspiracy that includes the town council, the school board, the police chief and the local newspaper publisher. In the course of trying to nail the killer and expose the town's secrets, he survives several attempts on his life and that of his stormy lover.

"Power packed ... draws the reader into the story from the opening line and holds the attention to the surprising end. Peopled with fascinating, credible characters." —Holly Martin, Black Dragon Reviews.

"Full of twists and turns. A real Loo-Loo!" —Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews.

"The author does a great job of writing his stories so they can stand alone. I loved that I started on book three and could understand Mr. Liter's storyline without feeling I was missing half the story. I love this author and am anxiously waiting on more Bancroft Mysteries." —Amazon 5-star review

"Deft tales of murder, complicity and downright evil, gripping narratives which appeal to the lover of good action-packed mystery thrillers. Highly Recommended." —Molly's Reviews