MURDER BY THE BOOK [A Nick Bancroft Mystery, Book 1] by Bob Liter

A book on sexual etiquette, more lies than truth, and a hot visiting detective complicate the first case of Central City investigative reporter Nick Bancroft! Murder by the Book is a mystery reader's meal." —S. A. Gorden

A young woman with a sex etiquette book in her lap is found dead at a high school football stadium. Freelance reporter and novice PI Nick Bancroft is hired by the girl’s father, Ramsey Sinclair, to find the killer—and is kicked around by several suspects as he pursues both the killer and the story. His work is interrupted when he begins a love affair with receptionist Maggie Atley. But the course of true love is complicated along with the investigation when detective Faustine Smith, also hired by Nick’s client Mr. Sinclair, begins making passes of her own at Nick. Faustine, hired to keep an eye on Nick, does an excellent job—most of the time. As the case unfolds there are elements of danger, drama, and deception. Nick finds few things are as they seem and no one can be trusted in this risque mystery and adventure.

The Nick Bancroft Mysteries are:

"Power packed ... draw the reader into the story from the opening line and hold the attention to the surprising end. Peopled with fascinating, credible characters." —Holly Martin, Black Dragon Reviews.

“As action-packed as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan without the military minutiae, and as filled with both local color and universal appeal as Carl Hiassen’s gems.” —Bill Knight, Community Word.

“Full of twists and turns. A real Loo-Loo!” —Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews.

"The equivalent of comfort food for the reader of detective mysteries. It is the type of story you read with smoky jazz playing on your stereo and a snifter of brandy sitting on the table next to you. … a mystery reader's meal for when all you want is a good yarn and a chair to relax in.” —S. A. Gorden, author, Murder Picnic

"Deft tales of murder, complicity and downright evil, gripping narratives which appeal to the lover of good action-packed mystery thrillers. Highly Recommended." —Molly's Reviews.