Melissa Malden thought she was in the clear. She had escaped from a job where her boss' son had tried to rape her, and found a new position as manager of an apartment complex. She had even found herself quite taken with the complex's mysterious, handsome maintenance man, Jud, who somehow found it within his budget to drive an expensive convertible and play golf at the local country club.

Melissa had grabbed the job as complex manager quickly, and without realizing the rundown condition of the apartments and the near impossibility of turning their operation into a success. After weeks of long hours and sweating physical labor beside Jud, the business began to make a profit. During one particularly sweltering night, Melissa played Nature Girl to Jud's Tarzan in the rain on a patch of grass near the complex swimming pool. Was this a sign that Melissa's life had finally turned around? Not quite. She would soon find out that escape from Carleton Chase, the would-be rapist, was not the straightforward operation she had hoped it would be—and that, in his mind, he had never let her go.

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