FORK IN THE ROAD: A Thriller by Bob Liter

Mystery and Dark Humor!

From the journalist and author of the Nick Bancroft mysteries.

Welcome to Fork, a community with a weed-infested street and a snow plow, where men gather at Absalom's Tavern to tell occasionally-true tall tales, where the high-minded Historical Society meets across the street at Rosemary's Delmonico Diner to plot against the tavern and its customers, where a variety of characters produce belly laughs with their schemes, were fumbling handyman Daniel Owens courts the beautiful but sadder-and-wiser Rosemary, and were a murderer thinks he (or she?) is going to get away with it.

For once, there is plenty to talk about in Fork, otherwise a nowhere prairie town. The unsolved murder of exotic stranger Francesca Evans becomes the main topic of discussion until Daniel Owens plows six feet of snow onto the road commissioners' driveway. And then a guy digs up the outhouse on Ezra Brigg's farm and won't say why. Let's not forget Hester DeWitt, the town's self-appointed conscience, getting drunk on elderberry wine while trying to close the only tavern in town. There are other distractions, like Daniel's courting of sexy Rosemary Allen until he realizes she's the one who first taught him about sex. And John Turner, the stranger who has some kind of power over Rosemary, announces plans to develop the town. After a deputy sheriff is charged with Francesca Evans' murder Turner builds a golf course, and Daniel stops trying to resist Rosemary's allure.

The town is about to be aptly named twice over, as just about everybody's life will come to a fork in the road.

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