TRUE VAMPIRES OF HISTORY: From Roman Times to the Present by Donald F. Glut

50+ Authenticated Accounts of the Undead who Returned from the Grave to Drink Human Blood!

The groundbreaking classic – back in print at last!

"The true gruesome history of the vampires of the world. " (The Fort Worth Star Telegram)

"A fine introduction to vampire tales from history. It reports on the alleged facts in each case, making no judgements on their veracity, leaving the reader to decide. A good survey of vampire lore, many of those recorded here were new to me. " (Goodreads)

Vampire Emperor Of Rome
Concerning The Berwick Vampire
Countess Elizabeth Bathory
The Vampire Of Pentsch: Johannes Cuntius
The Vampire Of Croglin Grange
Grando, Vampire Of Carniola
Arnold Paul
The Giant Vampire Of China
Vampire Viscount Of France
Uncle Helleborus And Mr. Tulip
Vampires Of Rhode Island And Chicago
Vampire Of London
The Bajang
The Vampire Ship
Vampires Of Bulgaria
Fritz Haarmann: Vampire Of Hanover
The Dusseldorf Vampire
The Vampire With Red Hair
John George Haigh: The Pilgrim Vampire
And many other real-life vampires...

From the cobblestone streets of medieval Europe, across the vastness of Asia and the jungles of Africa, to the haunted forests of New England in the 20th century, the author brings his researches to life in over fifty narratives case histories.

Have you ever wondered whether or not vampires actually exist? Whether they are merely folk tales or real creatures that walk the same world we do? Donald F. Glut's classic survey of the historical record provides red food for thought and fascinating insights into the sanguinary world of True Vampires of History.

“Excellent vampire history!” (Amazon Five Star Review)

Donald F. Glut is a world-recognized authority on monsters. His books The Dinosaur Dictionary and Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia were included by the American Library Association in their lists of best reference books of the year. While his The Dracula Book and The Frankenstein Catalog were both recipients of the annual Ann Radcliffe Award from the Count Dracula Society. In addition to hundreds of articles on monsters real and fictive, Glut’s other books include Classic Movie Monsters, Jurassic Classics: A Collection of Saurian Essays and Mesozoic Musings, The Frankenstein Legend, True Vampires of History, and True Werewolves of History.

He has also written three vampire novels, directed and executive-produced three feature-length movies featuring Dracula and regularly writes stories for Vampiress Carmilla magazine. He is probably best known for his best-selling novelization of the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

New feature: Extensively illustrated with photos and engravings of many of the vampires profiled and their haunts!

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