UNACCUSTOMED AS I AM TO PUBLIC DYING: Humorous and Ironic Mystery Stories by Larry Maddock

"Fast-paced, attention-grabbing, comical!"

That's how Fallen Angel Reviews describes the work of humorist Larry Maddock. Now, from the same era as his hilarious misadventures of that time-traveling symbiote Webley and his sidekick Hannibal Fortune, come nine serio-comic capers only Larry Maddock could have concocted—included are every story of hapless cops and criminals he ever wrote.

From legendary publications like Ellery Queen, Mike Shayne and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine comes a top-notch lineup of long lost, never reprinted comical crime classics, including: "Innocent Bystander," "The Great Typewriter Robbery," "The Death Wish," "Delivered: One Stereo," "You Can't Catch Me," "A Matter of Timing," "The Honor System," "Unaccustomed as I am to Public Dying," and "Everybody Remembers Whatsisname." In "Innocent Bystander" Ryan is in a unique position to shine in the field of criminal enterprise; but even an expert runs a risk when sex and business become intertwined. In "Delivered: One Stereo," the cops arrived in time to prevent the crime; so how did the lighthearted criminal still get away with the loot? In, "You Can't Catch Me," a sardonic reporter with a penchant for revenge discovers dark humor at the heart of a very serious case. In "Unaccustomed as I am to Public Dying," the murder of a mayor in full view of everyone proves an author can play fair, hide the clues in plain sight, and still slip in more than a chuckle or two. Plus five other delightful stories written with Maddock's inimitable touch.

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