THE P. I.: A Novel of Romantic Suspense by K. L. Melvany

This case would lead her to danger and to romance!

Unable to abide the politics and sexism of the L.A.P.D., Tulpe Mohren quit and turned her cop’s instincts and Sufic intuition into a successful Private Investigator’s career. Usually working for high-end clients like insurance companies checking fraud, and anxious people wanting to know if or with whom their spouses are cheating, Tuli is suddenly plunged into another world altogether when she agrees to do a risky favor for a dear friend.

Now the target of a gang of “coyotes,” immigrant-smugglers bent on vengeance, Tuli realizes she’s a hunted woman when one of them makes an attempt on her life. Moving in with her boyfriend is pleasant, but nearly a disaster, and she’s even followed when she attempts to escape to Santa Catalina Island, results in a death at sea. With her fiance's life at stake, Tuli is forced to act most uncharacteristically.

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