THE PROBLEMS OF VIOLET STRANGE [The Legendary Women Detectives] by Anna Katherine Green


Katherine Anna Green's first detective novel preceded the appearance of the first Sherlock Holmes story by several years. Her legendary character Violet Strange has been hailed as the first fictional female detective series. If you love classic mysteries in the Agatha Christie vein, you will love the Violet Strange stories. Violet was a young woman from a wealthy family, who was gifted with remarkable detective skills. When her father disowned her sister for choosing a musical career, Violet set out to earn enough money to launch her sister's career and to support them both. But she knew the decision would estrange her from the man she loved. Soon she was facing such baffling cases as "The Problem of the Second Bullet," "The Problem of the Grotto Spectre," "The Problem of the Missing Page Thirteen," and finally a mystery whose solution will either will either reunite her with the man she loves and reunite her broken family, or destroy her love and family for ever in "Violet's Own Problem." Read all the thrilling Violet Strange adventures in this inexpensive ebook edition.