THE LONE WOLF OMNIBUS: All Four Original Novels About the Sophisticated Jewel Thief by Louis Joseph Vance

THRILLING EXPLOITS OF THE FAMOUS GENTLEMAN CAT BURGLARLouis Joseph Vance's gentleman jewel thief's rule of working alone gave him the name "Lone Wolf" and the world a new expression in 1914 when the first adventures of Michael Lanyard appeared.  Now you can read the first four Lone Wolf novels in one omnibus ebook.

In The Lone Wolf, rival members of the underworld, jealous of his profits and success, threaten to reveal Lanyard's identity unless he surrenders his independence and joins their "pack."  Instead, they cause Lanyard to see his life through new eyes, and he determines to quit his life of crime, only to find the way blocked by his newly discovered love for the dauntless Lucy Shannon.  In The False Faces, Germany's sinking of a passenger ship brings Lanyard out of retirement to battle an enemy spy ring.  In Alias the Lone Wolf, the reformed thief pits his wits against a ruthless schemer to save an innocent man who has been framed for an infamous jewel theft.  And in Red Masquerade, the Lone Wolf's mortal enemy plots to strike at Lanyard through his daughter, without realizing just how much of her father's courage and daring she has inherited.

"Entertaining from the first page to the last." —New York World.

Over 1,200 pages in hardcover! First time ever in one ebook.

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