Two never-reprinted Western Classics for 1 bargain price!

FAST FREIGHT TO BOOTHILL: "PERFECT!" —THE TAMPA BAY TIMES. When fast-shooting, fast-thinking Jim Dixon rode into Cottonwood looking for a place to locate a freighting business, he didn't expect a savage beating and an order to leave town—or to be buried on Boot Hill! And he didn't expect to meet and fall in love with Ellen Carter, a gentle woman with exceptional strength. Soon he was up against the murderous Monte Lyman, the man who wanted to make himself the dictator of Cottonwood, and his gang of ruthless killers. Dixon discovered he was the only man in town who dared stand up to this two-bit tyrant. But Ellen and the women of Cottonwood had their own plan for dealing with the situation. What Lyman didn't expect was that he was about to be tagged "fast freight for Boothill."

DEADLY DEEDS: ONE MAN AGAINST 20 HIRED KILLERS. George Almond, lawyer and pretty fair gunslinger, was riding into Mexico to find proof that the deeds to the famous Montedura land grant were forgeries, and the real title belonged to a granddaughter. That made Brock Tuel George Almond's natural enemy—because Tuel had forged the deeds. Almond knew his plan was an open invitation to be murdered. His would turn out to be one of the deadliest deeds in the history of the West!