GUNSMOKE AND MUSTANGS: The Louis L’Amour 4-Book Western Bundle—Riders of the Dawn, Lit a Shuck for Texas, Trail to Crazy Man, Showdown Trail

Four full-length novels by the king of western tales, Louis L'Amour, reprinted from his original magazine versions before his paperback publishers demanded changes.

This quartet contains four of Louis L'Amour's earliest novels, books that earned him an enviable reputation as the best western writer since Zane Grey and Max Brand. They helped pave the way for the phenomenal success and career that made him a household name.

RIDERS OF THE DAWN: When gunman Matt Sabre tries to make peace, he finds the only way is through the liberal use of gunsmoke.

LIT A SHUCK FOR TEXAS: A collection of the early Western tales that draws on L'Amour's own intimate knowledge of the frontier. Men and women fighting to build a life in a lawless world.

TRAIL TO CRAZY MAN: Honor leads Rafe Caradec into deadly danger against the greatest odds he has ever faced.

SHOWDOWN TRAIL: Only the lone rider they hate can save a wagon train from destruction. Filmed as The Tall Stranger with Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo and Michael Ansara.

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