TRENT by Louis L’Amour

Kilkenny the gunman had retired. He had helped tame the west and put down its desperados. He'd had enough of killing, gunsmoke and violence. Now Kilkenny had a cabin and the simple life he had always longed for. Until his friend Dick Moffitt's kids showed up. Bill Hale and his riders had killed Dick for his land. Dick's son Jack and adopted daughter Sally had witnessed the murder. Now Bill Hale and his men were hunting them down. It was one man against an army of riders. How far will a man go for a friend? For Trent it was all the way to hell ... and back!

Special Introduction by Darryle Purcell, author of The Hollywood Cowboy Detectives Series.

Bonus material includes a sample chapter from L'Amour's The Rider of Lost Creek.

(Also published as A Man Called Trent)

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