THREE CAT MYSTERIES: C is for Catnip, Ghost of a Purr, Magical Meow by J. D. Crayne

What Could be Luckier than 3 Great Cat Mysteries for the Price of 1?

...Especially when they feature feline detective "Lucky Pierre," that well-known cat about town with his humans, Jeremy and Linda Austin.

Associating with people means meanness and murder—no wonders cats turn their noses up at Homo Sapiens. But Lucky Pierre's nose is for news of murder, and he has a way of sniffing out killers even when the local police force is baffled. Our hero will need all nine lives if he wants to live long enough to solve these three intriguing cases from the pen of Lt. Mark Stoddard's creator, J. D. Crayne.

Originally published at $4.99 each, you get all three for only 99 cents!

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