SUNSTROKE: A Novel of Suspense by Irv Eachus

"Eachus stays well away from the dreary predictability that is the downfall of less successful works. The action never flags." —Washington Post

Ten years ago Frank Boyle was a Treasury agent with a promising career, a good wife, and a bad habit that eventually cost him everything. Now he's a partner in a successful little high-tech firm called Industrial Security of Los Angeles, with no personal life to speak of, a client about to be the death of him and a new bad habit named Sarah.

Sunstroke opens with three seemingly unrelated dramas: a shooting in which Frank is not considered the target, the untimely return of Sarah, and a suspicious fire in Professor Gorelick's laboratory that kills a faithful assistant and destroys four years of Nobel-caliber work. By the story's showdown, the list of crimes has run to fraud, arson, murder and attempted murder in various flavors; and the list of suspects has grown to include some of the nastiest players in the high-tech corporate world.

Sunstroke is a tale of two cities. 1990's West LA, even in the grip of its worst-ever heat wave, is a cool place. The Las Vegas Strip is always hot. What both cities have in common is sunlight...the blazing, abundant sunlight that Professor Gorelick's research sought to turn into an inexpensive form of energy. Sunstroke is played out on both landscapes, and both are as gritty and glitzy and dangerous and fun on the story's pages as they are in real life.

What the critics say about Irv Eachus' thrillers:

"Lots of action, a little sex and topical issues." —Library Journal

"...exciting, well-written and unforgettable ... should keep readers turning pages well past bedtime" —Orlando Sentinel Star

"Keeps the reader asking the ultimate question, 'Then what happened?' —Booklist.

Irv Eachus lives in San Francisco. He is the author of the highly acclaimed thriller, The Raid, and is currently working on the next Frank Boyle techno-thriller, Blackout.

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