LUDDINGTON: MURDER ON THE ROCKS by Donna Flood and Ernie Martinez

Blue finally asked the question they all had on their minds: "Who would steal a wet, half-finished painting of a rock?"

Ruby's painting was gone, but it didn't make any sense. Matter of fact, a lot of things didn't make any sense. Who was that stranger who came into Blue's Bar and Grille and threatened a young waitress? And why was he now dead, with Blue as the prime suspect for murder? When would the old biddies from the Historical Society get off his back? Where did those thugs at the Luddington Fair come from? And what were these uncomfortable feelings for Ruby he was fighting?

Join the gang from Blue's Bar and Grille as they use humor, history, and hi-jinks to unravel the mystery: owner Blue and chef John, both Vietnam vets; bar manager Ruby, an accomplished portrait artist; heavy-drinking Peter, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter turned publisher; an inept police lieutenant; and the tyrannical ladies from the Historical Society. The first in a series.

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