THE FERGUS HUME MYSTERY OMNIBUS: Mystery of a Hansom Cab; The Green Mummy; The Secret Passage

The First Mystery Novel Mega-Bestseller & Two Others!

When Fergus Hume's classic detective novel Mystery of a Hansom Cab first appeared in 1888, two years after the initial magazine appearance of the first Sherlock Holmes story, it created a sensation. Doyle's creation had whetted the public appetite for tales of mystery and detection, and Hume's Mystery of a Hansom Cab appeared to satisfy that hunger. Almost half a million copies were snatched up in the United Kingdom alone, an unheard of sale for any book at that time.

Also included, complete and unabridged in this bargain omnibus, are two other Fergus Hume mystery classics. A royal Egyptian mummy swathed in green bandages sets off a series of perilous events that threaten two lovers in The Green Mummy. An ancient passage built hundreds of years earlier provides the impetus for detection and romance in The Secret Passage. Here are three keystone mystery novels from the golden age of the Victorian detective story that belong on every fan's eBookshelf.

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