THE FIRST THINKING MACHINE OMNIBUS: The Problem of Cell 13 and The Thinking Machine on the Case by Jacques Futrelle


Meet Professor Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, who The Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection calls "the most cerebral of all detectives." One of the great scientific detectives, a master logician, the Thinking Machine solves cases brought to him by a reporter, Hutchinson Hatch, who also does the legwork on most of the adventures.

Professor Van Dusen has an abnormally high and broad brow, topped by a shock of yellow hair. The Thinking Machine made his debut appearance in 1906, and is considered Sherlock Holmes' only true rival. This ebook edition contains two Thinking Machine books: The Problem of Cell 13 and Other Thinking Machine Stories, which Ellery Queen named one of the 100 "Cornerstone" books in the history of the mystery novel, and which The Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection hailed as "the best narratives about the eccentric genius"—as well as the only other book about Professor Van Dusen written during the author's lifetime, The Thinking Machine on the Case. There you'll find twenty-two narratives that will delight any fan of gaslight mysteries and the era of the hansom cab.

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