OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, INTO THE FUNERAL: A Harry Horne Mystery by John Gonzales


A hot-tempered, very neglected Mafia wife… her eighteen year-old lover in a black leather jacket with switchblade… her missing "Made Man" husband who had been playing fast and loose with … pay-offs collected for the local Capo de Capos… a dozen juvenile delinquents ready to rumble and just as ready to harmonize when record producers dropped by… two tough-as-nails cops convinced Harry Horne was guilty of everything… and a young woman with a penchant for shedding her clothes and trying to shoot Harry… it all adds up to one of journalist/sleuth Harry Horne's craziest cases and roller-coaster entertainment for the reader.

Harry Horne was a pleasant fellow, a good journalist writing a series on juvenile delinquency – and uncovering more dirt than he bargained for. Especially on Louis Gelormino, the big-wig Mafia rackets boss who usually dropped a hint he was displeased in the form of a .45 bullet. Vince Rinaldi was the grudge-holding head of the juvie gang featured in Harry's expose. Yet everything seemed fine on the day Harry got out of jail for refusing to name a source.

But when Harry returned to his apartment about to get lucky with a nightclub singer he had been pursuing for months, a young woman stepped out of his shower clad only in a towel - and things started to go downhill quickly. The nightclub singer departed in a fury, while the young woman dropped the towel, snatched up a gun and shot Harry point-blank!

Soon everyone was on Harry Horne's trail – but "out of the frying pan, into the funeral" wasn't an unusual condition for him to be in...

"Plenty Sex, Plenty Money, Plenty Excitement!" —Brooklyn Daily News

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