THE MIRACLE MAN by Frank L. Packard

The legendary novel of a diabolical crime and its redemption. With the original 1914 magazine illustrations!

The Miracle Man is silent movie actor Lon Chaney’s most famous film—and the one that made him a star. Considered a masterpiece by the critics and reviewers of the time (1919), its stellar reputation has never lost its luster. But sometime in the 1930s, not long after the advent of the “talkies”, all copies of The Miracle Man were lost, disintegrated or destroyed. (Why preserve it? After all, who would want to see a silent film now that sound was here?) All that remains of the film Photoplay magazine readers voted their #1 favorite in 1920 (beating out such hits as Broken Blossoms and The Kid) are three scant minutes.

Yet despite this tragic loss, it is still possible to get some sense of The Miracle Man’s legendary glory today because the movie’s screenplay was based on a novel. The text of this novel, combined with the original 1914 magazine illustrations, can conjure something of the movie’s potent magic.

Even if you are not a Chaney fan, there are still good reasons to read The Miracle Man.
If you love crime stories, this book contains one of the most ingenious crime suspense plots ever conceived.
If you love fantasy, it can be read as contemporary fantasy—albeit contemporary to its own time and not ours.
If you are hungry for stories of the redemption of the human heart, you will adore this book.
And if you are someone who enjoys reading books from this period at all, you probably need no further encouragement.

Begin reading The Miracle Man—the novel behind the movie that made Lon Chaney a star—now. It’s a rare treat.

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