THE CAVE OF LOST LOVE: A Prehistory Mystery by Morton Chalfy


"Chalfy projects love across the ages with this nifty mix of prehistorical and contemporary romance. Over 10,000 years ago, Muta and Rami walked upright somewhere along a river in North America. After Gatherer Muta receives an omen that she must embark upon a trek into unexplored territory to find a new home for the tribe, Hunter Rami, her husband, agrees to accompany her. Once they’re settled into a wonderful cave, their lives take a turn when Rami is seriously injured during a hunt. Little did they know that their cave drawings will survive to inspire a 21st-century romance between archaeologist Matthew and photographer Sheila. Both stories are poignant, and the one about the prehistoric couple really shines. While in camp with their tribe, Muta and Rami’s roles are strictly prescribed based on gender. Once they’re on their own, however, loneliness and their love for each other begin to blur those lines. Chalfy’s tender rendering of these ancient characters sets this novel a notch above its peers." —Publishers Weekly

In this romantic, archaeological mystery, the magical love of a prehistoric couple intertwines with and influences modern day lovers who are held back from accepting the deeper passions they feel for each other. Moving with breathtaking ease back and forth from the most distant past to the present moment, Morton Chalfy spins an enthralling tale of a wondrous cave, filled with wondrous paintings, that heals the hearts of lovers separated by centuries.

Two very different people, Muta, her tribe’s seeress, and Hari, a hunter/warrior, are drawn together by the Goddess and marry. But the very deep differences between Muta’s love of life and nature and Hari’s fierceness lead to doubt and misunderstandings. When a new star begins blazing in the night sky, Muta and Hari are led by the Goddess to journey to a distant land, and through the trials they face along the way begin to understand each other more deeply and accept the profound love they have for each other. At their journey’s end they will discover a strange cave and be guided to leave a strange record for the inhabitants of an unknown future. As they paint, the love and devotion Muta and Hari have developed for each other infuses the cave with an aura that helps to heal misunderstandings and rekindle romance in the present.

In our own time, two couples, Gus and Olivia, Sheila and Matthew, stumble on the cave and its mysterious prehistoric paintings. Gus and Matthew are archaeologists; Shelia is a photographer and Olivia an artist. All sense a strange aura about the cave. Soon they realize it will take all their talents and intelligence to unravel the mystery of the cave and the meaning of its paintings.

Both couples are deeply in love, but each senses there is something lacking in their relationship. Gus and Olivia have been married for many years, but he has always been held back from releasing his full passion for her because he sees Olivia as far too beautiful for a plain looking guy like him, and others see them as an odd couple. Sheila and Matthew are long-time lovers and partners, but Matthew does not always realize her sensitive and independent nature requires an equally sensitive approach.

As the four investigate the ancient cave, study its pictographs and attempt to solve its mystery, strange forces seem to be at work slowly but magically igniting the deeper passions lurking in each lover’s heart. Though it will take crisis and disaster before the last heart is opened in the cave of lost love.

By the author of the bestselling The Antler's Point.

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