A MATTER OF POLICY [An Amy Brewster Mystery] by Sam Merwin, Jr.

A Matter of Policy is an enthralling novel that begins when a young friend of Amy Brewster’s finds his life in jeopardy, thanks to an unknown mastermind insuring it for one million dollars. This is the last of three classic Amy Brewster mysteries available for the first time in over fifty years! When a private detective hired to protect the young man is the first victim, Amy Brewster must think fast and act faster if she is to learn who is behind the plot on the young man’s life in time to save him. Is it Tosta Kaaren, AKA the Canarsie Swede, a platinum-blond nightclub singer whose real name is Toots Carlin? Or Paulie Paulec, the local crime boss who has a finger in every racket in town? Or playboy Lance Torrey, whose sources of income are suspect at best?

One of three suspenseful Amy Brewster reprints by the legendary Golden Age mystery writer/editor, Sam Merwin, Jr.