MEET AMY BREWSTER [An Amy Brewster Mystery] by Sam Merwin, Jr.

The three novelettes that introduced the "female Nero Wolfe", Amy Brewster: the fat, cigar-smoking, social-register blueblood who swears like a stevedore and is a genius at solving mysteries!

A trio of classics gathered together from the pulp magazines of mystery's Golden Age for the first time ever.

"Swiftly paced, tempestuous, and explosive…" —Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

The Corpse Came Ashore: When murder strikes a member of her own family at the Brewster Mansion on Cape Cod, Amy starts shaking skeletons out of the proverbial family closet, disclosing a murder and solving a generations old mystery.

Amy Stops the Clock: When she finds her newest case has romantic overtones, Miss Brewster orders a four-pound steak to fortify herself against the histrionics that are sure to follow.

The Maestro's Secret: A farrago of larceny, adultery, murder and blackmail, interrupts a quiet evening at home savoring a bottle of expensive gin and a box of first-rate cigars as La Amy unravels a case that has the police baffled and threatens to send an innocent man to that chair.

"Amy Brewster a cigar-smoking, 300-pound lawyer-financier...Upper-class but unfeminine, is defined against the genre's stereotypes, particularly the femme fatale: she is not [attractive by typical popular standards], not home-bound, and not submissive, either conversationally or professionally." —Prof. William Marling, Early Female Detectives