A TITAN OF JUSTICE [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

A New Superhero is Born!

The amazing Emperorverse casebooks by Charles Lee Jackson II bring you a new champion among The Emperor’s Swashbuckling comrades. Joining the pantheon is a towering colossus of justice—who also happens to be a robot operated by a teenaged boy. With the help of his scientist father and detective uncle, young Johnny London uses complex radio-controlled computers to drive a powerful machine into the field, to enter the fray as...The Titan! Another hero chronicled in “The Emperor’s Secret Files”.

Next, Johnny London and his uncle Dick work to rescue the boy’s father from the clutches of the evil international spy Alain Sarnov, after he kidnaps the scientist to sell to foreign agents. To the rescue comes the radio-operated puppet who’s “Got No Strings”.

And when Thomas London’s attention is diverted by a submarine mystery, after the disappearance of the investigating scientists, he sends the Titan to take charge. But when the lab loses contact with the Titan, Thomas, Dick, and Johnny must work quickly to save not only the explorers but the robot itself, lost when “Down Went McGinty”.

Then a new super-crook appears, a speed-demon who robs banks and creates mayhem in seconds and escapes in a flash. And when he attacks Professor London’s colleague Manfred Bailey, the Titan, though hampered by mysterious interference, joins the opposition to a criminal who moves like a “Bat Out of Hell”.

Finally, Johnny London and his girlfriend Peggy volunteer as counselors at a summer camp for inner-city kids. But some of the big kids are bullying the little guys, and Johnny must find a way to save the day without the Titan becoming a bully himself—some way to show that threats and violence don’t make a “Champion of the Salamanders”.

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