MASKED JUSTICE [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

1960s superhero Fireball is back in an all new pulp novel!

The hero of slam-bang action novel, The Mark of Cypher, Fireball, masked crusader for justice, costumed alter-ego of private investigator Jack Allen, takes on cases big and small, easy and difficult, mundane and deadly. With his sister Iris and his sidekick Tubby Watkins, Jack tackles amazing adventures in the name of Masked Justice!

First, the trail of a missing scientist leads Fireball to Florida, where he finds that the diabolical Xavier Xavier—Doctor Double X—is seeking the treasure of a lifetime. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’ll also have to deal with a vengeful killer out for his blood while trailing Double X in the “Footsteps of Ponce DeLeon”.

Before he tangled with the incredible Cypher, Jack had been long retired from crime-fighting after a disastrous assignment that brought Jack and his partner Bob Bradbury against the very forces of darkness. Now you’ll learn the fantastic details of what he thought would be his last case, as he encounters a madman who may be one of the undead—“The Werdulak”!

A new client arrives with a startling case: to break into the impenetrable fortress in which Doctor Double X hides his many secrets and stolen inventions, a task that taxes all his detective skills and technological acumen. And it isn’t just any client—she claims to be “The Daughter of Double X”.

Dangerous cases are Fireball’s way of life, but the new one may just be his last. When a girl brings Jack Allen a computer disc containing secrets of the mysterious criminal organization Tsodiac, he must contrive a way to not only secure the data but make Tsodiac’s Captain Shark believe the information has not been compromised. Seeing that the disc gets back into enemy hands makes Fireball a different sort of “Disc Jockey”.

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