AERIAL ACE [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II


Life’s not easy when you’re a superheroine and can’t let anyone know. Young Alison Carlsonn is bound by her promise of secrecy while she learns to be a costumed crusader for justice – but she still finds herself bound by the greater oath of protecting the innocent and fighting villainy wherever she finds it. And somehow she keeps finding it! But her exploits make for excitement and thrills, as recorded in “The Emperor’s Secret Files”, as she strives to join the ranks of the Hollywood Swashbucklers as an… Ærial Ace

Some people hit the slopes or the beach for their winter vacation, but Alison Carlsonn has chosen a tourist spot in the Arizona desert for her hiatus. But her fun is spoiled, first by the unannounced and unwanted arrival of her mother, and then by a murder! Alison’s secret life may be the only thing to save her from a “Dude Ranch Dilemma”.

Allie hasn’t even begun her formal career yet, but she already has an arch-enemy – though he doesn’t know it. Her college field trip to the Zuñi Reservation in Arizona is spoiled by tragedy and by giant spiders bred by Barton Norcroft; spiders the bite of which may bring on a “Tarantella of Death”.

Now on the verge of her costumed career, Alison is treated to a vacation in England, under the watchful eye of The Emperor’s friends Shanghai Lil and Helia Laurel. But, never content to leave well enough alone, she goes off to spy on the local hideout of Continent-Eight, the international Executive of Crime, and stumbles onto a plot by leader Johnny Rainbow that proves to her she’s sure “A Long Way from Kansas”.

Vacationing in England, Allie finds herself caught up in the most amazing case of her burgeoning career, as intelligent creatures from the bottom of the sea and a strange sea-witch attack the Blessed Isle. Shanghai Lil and Solara are on hand, and the mysterious Cat’s-Eye gets involved, and through it all, Alison must help without revealing her secret as the Hollywood femmes fatales encounter “The Encephalopod”.

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