GODDESS OF RETRIBUTION [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

Nemesis, the avenger of Olympus, is back, in four new exciting adventures. From Hollywood and Alabama to Mount Olympus and Egypt, she battles new menaces with the powers of the ancient Greek gods. And now, she joins the ranks of the Swashbucklers in these cases recounted by Charles Lee Jackson, II, in another of “The Emperor’s Secret Files” as he tells about the… Goddess of Retribution!

Returned from her expedition to South America, Elizabeth Owen and her colleagues discover that their hard won anthropological treasures have been stolen from right under their noses, and must work with the thieves’ go-between, a seedy private detective known as “Raven”.

At loose ends, Doctor Owen learns of an astounding discovery of old-world artifacts in Alabama, and her curiosity compels her to investigate for herself, only to run into a much greater puzzle, “The Moundville Mystery”.

A job offer brings Betty to Athens, to visit Mount Olympus and seek the answers to the question of her divine powers. But Betty and her sister Kathlyn find mystery and danger as they journey to the great mountain that was once home to “The Mansions of the Gods”.

Arriving at a recently unearthed lost tomb far out in the Egyptian desert, Doctor Owen is confronted by hostile locals as well as danger that may mean the end of Nemesis as death strikes around her, death that may be “The Curse of Karamadese”!

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