CLASH OF THE DRAGONS [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II


"Charles Lee Jackson's Emperor saga is "well-written and fun … If you want stories in the tradition of 40s pulp, then you will enjoy this book." -Goodreads

No one could believe it could happen! Could Continent-Eight, the international Executive of Crime, be wiped from the face of the Earth? Wracked by internecine conflict since allowing the notorious Jade Dragon to join its ranks, the Executive has weakened mightily. The schemes and banditry of Victoria Poten grate against the civilized crimes of Varan Haruchi and his organization. Now the conflict between criminals comes to a devastating climax in … Clash of the Dragons!

Is this the Emperor and his valiant band of fighters for Justice last chance to bring Continent-Eight down?

Victoria Poten, Eurasian mistress of evil, finally forced out of Continent-Eight, has a new scheme to ruin the Executive by striking at its very heart – the Master Memory, the computer that contains all the information needed to run the world’s greatest criminal organization. It’s Poten versus Haruchi in a veritable “Dragon War”.

When Continent-Eight Leader Three, Gamara Taka, is assassinated, and the clews point to Emperor ally, J-Man Max Decker. as the killer, mortal enemies Haruchi and The Emperor must work together to uncover the truth and preserve the vital “El Paso Pact”. And when the Swashbucklers face an enemy who knows their secrets, stopping him may be an “Impossible Mission”.

Victoria Poten, in one final, desperate, mad attack may succeed where no law officer ever did, spreading death and destruction and bringing the Executive of Crime crashing down around its creators and sending the world into chaos as it faces what could be “The Fall of Continent-Eight”.

In the aftermath of the mighty conflict of the world-girding Executive of Crime, Swashbucklers and criminals alike are cast into a whirlpool of shifting alliances, fleeing felons, and new menaces, including the most dangerous villain the world has even known back from the dead on what can only be called “A Glorious Day”.

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