THE FIRST CRAIG KENNEDY OMNIBUS: Three Classic Novels About the World’s Greatest Scientific Detective by Arthur B. Reeve

"The Scientific Detective," —John Dickson Carr

Arthur B. Reeve's Craig Kennedy, Carr writes, "...was the scientific detective. His laboratory flashed with stranger sparks, and bubbled with more weird beakers and test tubes, than the laboratory of the late Dr. Frankenstein. For each occasion, he had some new gadget, guaranteed sensational, to clap on somebody's wrist or wire underneath their chair. He was the first in the field of fiction with the lie detector, with murder by electrolysis, with radium poisoning, with death from liquid air. He taught writers the use of the silencer? As a final achievement among many, in a story called 'The Dream Detective,' it was he who introduced [mystery writers] to psychoanalysis."

Here are the first three Craig Kennedy books, complete and unabridged, including "The Dream Detective." If you ever thrilled to Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple, the exploits of Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective, will hold you spellbound.

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