LAW OF THE TRIGGER by Spur-Award-Winning Author Giles A. Lutz


"A novel of the old west with plenty of action." —Tampa Bay Times

When the S.O.S. came from his pardner, Holt Spainhower knew he had to hit leather for Main City, but he hated like hell to do it. Spainhower had used his fast gun to clean up plenty of other towns, and he was tired of all the killing. But there was something even more sinister about Main City . . . and when Spainhower met murder on the road to that frontier town, he began to realize just how violent a job lay before him. By the time he was there just a few hours, he'd been appointed marshal of what they called "claim-jumper town." Then the boys who ran its streets locked horns with him . . . and something had to give. For by then Spainhower knew his only ally was his low-slung pistol . . . and the law of the trigger.

In this quick-moving novel of a man so tough bullets couldn't stop him will meet:

HOLT SPAINHOWER—He had a soft heart, but was tough enough to stop bullets.

DORSEY EVERS—Dorsey wanted what was right, but he wasn't brutal enough to get it.

TINY—A big man with a small brain, he was more dangerous than any wild animal.

JUDE KABO—Being shrewd and ruthless, Jude was more respectable than most.

KITTY—After giving too much to the man she loved, she was left with nothing.

SLADE—Kill fast and never say die was his slogan.

Lutz's "characters have surprising depth. …. Love , lust, greed, bar fights , horse chases and gun shots." —Goodreads

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