SIDEWINDER: The Classic Western of Revenge and Redemption by Edwin Booth

“ONE OF THE BEST NEW WESTERNS!” —Tucson Daily Citizen

Don Harding went out and bought a headstone for his brother's grave. It read:

SAMMY HARDING—born 1856, died 1876

Lynched by a bunch of cowards for a crime he did not commit.

“Original!” —Pensacola News

Don Harding had taken on a dirty fight with the same kind of vicious meanness in it that had killed his brother. And because everyone had something to hide, everyone's hand was against him. So he didn't know where the next attack would come from.

So just to make sure the town understood his intentions, Don put up another headstone.

The name and date were blank, but the sentiments were clear:

Executed by Don Harding for the murder of his brother.

Don knew that to find and kill the man behind the lynching, before that man could kill him, he would have to stay completely focused. He resolved not let himself be distracted for a second.

But when he met Helen Sprecher, the strong and exceedingly smart woman who owned the town’s only restaurant, he discovered that resolve might be harder to keep than he had thought.


EDWIN BOOTH was the author of over fifty classic westerns. Like his contemporary LOUIS L'AMOUR, he was born and raised in the west, primarily New Mexico, Nebraska and California, had worked on ranches, and knew the old-time sheriffs and gunfighters as a young man—which gave his work an unusual level of depth and authenticity. It's not surprising that his books were often compared to those of L'Amour and were published by the same publishers.