THE FRANKENSTEIN LEGEND [The Legendary Movie Monsters, Book 1] by Donald F. Glut


With 70 Pages of Never-Before-Seen Photos and Newly-Unearthed Frankenstein Facts, Fun and Commentary!

"A whole compendium of Frankensteinian lore, enough to keep most of us more than satisfied. Not only is the main line of development of the Frankenstein Monster charted, but related themes which contribute to it (like the Golem legend) are examined in some detail. Starting with the book by Mary Shelley, Mr. Glut takes us along the checkered career of the Monster through the stage versions, the silent movies, the comics, television, and the various film versions which we know today. This is sure to become a basic reference book."
—J. B. Post, author, An Atlas of Fantasy

Inside this trail-blazing book you will find all the Frankensteinian facts about this most fascinating phenomenon at your fingertips.

Pick it up and start reading, and you will soon learn:

  • The life story of Mary Shelley
  • The dream that inspired the novel - in her own words
  • The enduring controversy that surrounded the book from the very moment of its birth
  • Frankenstein on stage - from the year of its birth to the present day
  • The silent movies that made the Frankenstein monster a household name, long before Karloff made it a world-wide sensation
  • Frankenstein on radio - from Orson Welles to Baskin-Robbins ice cream commercials
  • "Talkies" from the first sound films to the celebrated Universal and Hammer classics, the sexploitation Frankensteins, to the Robert de Niro masterpiece and the author's own entry in the genre
  • Karloff the master monster, including the true color of his famous make-up, who did his stunts, which actors played the monster after he quit the role
  • Television, including which famous horror actor starred in the first (and live) tv presentation, the first color production, plus little known facts about The Munsters and Dark Shadows, so much more
  • The late 20th Century and and early 21st Century upsurge in novels about the monster
  • All about Frankenstein and his creation in comics and graphic novels - and even anime

130,000 words, 80+ photos, posters, and other illustrations - this is the essential Frankenstein book for all Shelley, Karloff, and the Monster's millions of fans!

"Glut's book is close to a definitive work on the subject. He writes with a pleasantly informal style, too, which makes it possible to read the book for pleasure as well as information. As a bonus, the book is illustrated with slews of motion picture and television stills, reproductions of comics, book covers, and the like. A fine job altogether." —Richard Lupoff, author, The Great American Paperback

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