MURDER IN MACAO by Peter Ruber

A New American Hero is Born!

The time is September 1935. The place is Macao, near Hong Kong on the South China Sea. When adventurer Edgar Savage's ship The Black Poppy is attacked by pirates, his quick thinking saves his boat and crew when he tosses a gasoline barrel overboard and explodes it with a bullet from a high-powered rifle. Later he examines a shipment he is carrying for a Dutch cannery owner named Kappie, and discovers false bottoms containing heroin.

Determined to smoke the drug-runner out, Savage sets fire to the warehouse where the heroin is stored. Almost immediately, Kappie pressures Savage to pick up another shipment for him. When Savage refuses, he is shot twice by an unknown assassin. Soon Savage and his girlfriend, Amelia De Gama, have devised a plan to take Kappie down—then Amelia is kidnapped. The drug-runner doesn't realize it—but he is about to discover that Savage isn't just a name!

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