THE RAFFLES OMNIBUS: All Four Classic Novels About the Gentleman Thief by E.W. Hornung

"THE GREATEST THIEF IN THE LITERATURE OF ROGUERY!"That's how the Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection describes A. J. Raffles, amateur cat burglar and jewel thief.  Read all four thrilling books showcasing Raffles daring exploits in one omnibus ebook – complete and unabridged.  Why did the young scion of British fin-de-siecle society turn to the profession of burglary for a living? "Excitement, romance and a decent living," Raffles explains.

"No other fictional criminal can match Raffles for courage and the ability to stay cool under the most difficult circumstances," says the Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection. Here are the four Raffles books for one low price: Raffles, the book that introduced him to the reading public; A Thief in the Night, which details more early adventures; Mr. Justice Raffles, in which the gentleman thief matches his wits against those of a vicious society criminal; and The Black Mask, which tells of Raffles' reformation and his sacrifice on the fields of WWI.

"Crackerjack!" —Times of London.

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