ALIAS THE GREY SEAL: The Jimmy Dale Omnibus-The First Two Novels About The Legendary Fin-de-Siecle Gentleman Thief by Frank L. Packard


Jimmy Dale was the most brilliant of all thieves, a member of polite society by day, at night a celebrated cat burglar known only as "The Grey Seal." But vulnerable to blackmail, he was only a pawn in the hands of the "Tocsin," the mysterious, unseen woman who forced him to steal—for good!  When she orders him to "Lay low for a year, Jimmie," he lies low, and when she sends him a letter saying, "Crack this safe, Jimmie," he dons his mask and gets out his safe cracker.  He poses in the tenderloin as "Larry of the Bat," and learns all the secrets of thieves, and paradoxically finds himself hunted by the police and the underworld. With both baying at his heels, Jimmy Dale uses his criminal talents to right wrongs, save lives, preserve reputations, and expose wrongdoers to the light of day. How could Jimmy help but fall in love with the Tocsin–and how could he know that when he finally found her, he’d be placing her life in the gravest danger and that their adventures would only be beginning!

Here in one ebook are the first two adventures of Jimmy Dale, Alias The Gray Seal. The Saturday Review called them: "Stories of excitement, intrigue, etc., which have no equal." The New York World said: "These tales are abounding in 'pep'!  Beyond doubt the most polished narratives of the underworld yet published."

Contains The Adventures of Jimmy Dale (1917) and The Further Adventures of Jimmy Dale (1918) — over 800 pages in hardcover.

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