THE LEGENDARY DETECTIVES II: 8 Classic Novelettes by Jean Marie Stine [Ed.]

A superb collection of classic mystery tales! The Legendary Detectives II is a real treat for aficionados of classic detective fiction: Eight tales of the greatest fictional sleuths who prowled in search of murder and mystery through the era of gaslight and hansom cabs.

A follow-up to the bestselling e-book, The Legendary Detectives, grand treats await inside. To wit: the rarest adventure of that legendary blind detective, Max Carrados, "The Bunch of Violets," never reprinted in any Carrados collection. Then, Mr. Commissioner Sanders untangles a web of intrigue along the remote outposts of the Congo River, in "The Ghost Walker." Victorian science is on display in "The Silent Bullet," the very first story to feature that Golden Age scientific sleuth, Craig Kennedy. Then you'll turn from the scientific to the spooky in "The Headless Mummies," an adventure of Sax Rohmer's extraordinary detective Moris Klaw. Next is a pair of tales featuring the two most famous brains among gaslight detectives: the Man in the Corner in "The York Mystery," and The Thinking Machine in "The Great Auto Mystery." Next, that inimitable priest-detective, Father Brown, tackles the case of "The Head of Caesar." Included is the last adventure of the world's greatest detective, "His Last Bow: An Episode from the War Service of Sherlock Holmes." The aging sleuth is dragged from retirement to match wits with the Huns' master-spy in the darkest days of World War I, in this story recorded by his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle.

There are hours of mystery reading pleasure in this exclusive e-book, selected and introduced by Jean Marie Stine.

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