MURDER AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN [An American Icon Mystery Classic] by Mignon G. Eberhart & Grantland Rice

Here is a never-reprinted romantic suspense short novel by a Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster winner, Mignon G. Eberhart, writing with the great sports writer, Grantland Rice. Described as a "complete novel" when it first appeared in the May 1945 issue of The American Magazine, this is a treat for all detective fans.

Maggie Bond never dreamed she could fall in love with a boxer—until she met Cy Dugan, a truly decent guy who happened to be a prizefighter on his way up. Maggie also never dreamed she could become a murder suspect. But when one contender for the championship is murdered, suspicion falls on here. And Maggie never dreamed she would become a killer's target—till the night of the title fight at the Garden, when Cy went up against the champ in the ring. It was just before the two men climbed into the ring that the panther escaped from its cage backstage. His escape was part of the diabolical plan of a ruthless murderer to end Maggie's life!

American Icon Mystery Classics are tales of murder and detection, all with a strong element of romance, written during the Golden Age of the Mystery in the 1940s and 1950s. Most have never been reprinted, and all take place at some uniquely American institution like Madison Square Garden, The American Museum of Natural History, new car shows, or the racetrack. In each case the writer received unprecedented access to the staff, directors, behind-the-scenes operations and more, making these mysteries an authentic portrait of an important American institution sat the time of their writing. For true mystery lovers, they are "the stuff that dreams are made of." Madison Square Garden is such an icon, and this forgotten mystery classic captures the essence of the days when the Garden was king and so was boxing, and provides an unforgettable portrait of this legendary icon and the people it drew during the final days of WWII.

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