THE ARSENE LUPIN OMNIBUS: Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar; Arsene Lupin Versus S. H., the Famous English Detective, & The Hollow Needle by Maurice Leblanc

The First Three Novels About the Original "Lupin"—the Famous French Gentleman-Burglar! Both fans of the anime and manga Lupin and devotees of classic Victorian mysteries will want to read the trio of thrillers that introduced the first fictional Lupin, the greatest gentleman-thief of an era that specialized in tales of glamorous jewel thieves. In his day, Lupin rivaled pulp heroes such as The Lone Wolf, Raffles and other notorious Gentleman Thieves for popularity; but there’s a Gallic sophistication to Lupin’s adventures that’s absolutely lacking in those of his cross-Channel competitors. Lupin achieves his ends through a kind of personalised propaganda, which Leblanc describes thus: "the very mechanism of his way of setting to work, his special tactics, his letters to the press, his threats, the announcement of his thefts, in short the whole bag of tricks which he employed to bamboozle his selected victim and throw him into such a state of mind that the victim almost offered himself to the plot contrived against him and that everything took place, as it were, with his own consent."

All three classic suspense thrillers complete and unabridged. Includes the famous novel where Lupin matches wits against S. H., the famous British detective.

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