MONTEREY PULP [The Barker Mysteries Book 2] by Patrick Whitehurst

Barker, the mysterious sleuth of California's Central Coast, returns in this volume in the titillating Barker Mysteries.

"When a friend told me about this book, I had my doubts. A homeless hero with the crime-solving skills of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes? A pack of loyal dogs who accompany the sleuth on his adventures along the streets and beaches of Monterey? Turns out, this book really works. The good-looking, green-eyed, homeless detective quickly won me over." (Goodreads 5-Star review)

Following hot on the heels of his rescue of Carmel's mayor from the ship Wicked Joe in Monterey Noir, Barker once again finds himself in a hot mess of danger and intrigue. Seeking escape from his newfound popularity, the handsome man with no memory of his past travels deep into the Carmel Highlands—only to find adventure has followed him there.

From an encounter with the disturbing Easter Bunny Man at Pacific Grove's famous Lover's Point to a diabolical plot by the homeless denizens of Deadrent Kingdom, trouble is never very far from Barker and his collection of loyal canines.

"In Monterey Pulp the mysterious Barker, a three dimensional character steps onto the stage of the reader’s imagination. As a reader, I am wondering about this strange man who deliberately chooses to live on the margins of society. Barker can make anywhere a home; he is as resourceful as the pack of hounds that are his devoted companions. Barker has no time for the media and its nonsense; he prefers obscurity and he takes refuge in the peace and quiet of the woodlands. But mystery has a way of following Barker around. A camper tells Barker a strange tale of a nightmare and an abduction. The reader sees Barker’s intuitive response in action. In stylish, leisurely prose Patrick Whitehurst’s Barker quietly, precisely averts a heinous scheme of double dealing and destruction. Barker is a worthy successor to Sherlock Holmes; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would not be disappointed; neither will any fan of the detective genre. If you are new to Barker you will soon be as addicted to him, and his pack of hounds as I am. I hope that Patrick Whitehurst doesn’t make us wait too long for the next book in this captivating series." (Amazon 5-star review)

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