SHOWDOWN ON THE HOGBACK: The Original Unaltered Text by Louis L’Amour

A rarely reprinted pulp magazine novel from bestselling western novelist Louis L'Amour. Showdown on the Hogback was first published in Giant Western magazine August 1950 under the pseudonym Jim Mayo. Years later, as was Louis L'Amour's habit, it was rewritten as Showdown at Yellow Butte. Was any gunfighter ever in a worse predicament? Tom Kedrick found himself caught between two sides—and he was on both of them! Hired by a big land syndicate to drive out some allegedly dangerous squatters and outlaw gangs from a useless swamp, Kedrick soon finds he has been lied to and betrayed. What he finds is fertile ranch land already claimed by the farmers and ranchers who have been living there peacefully, but are prepared to fight to the death to keep their homes. When Kedrick confronts the syndicate, he finds himself marked for death both by the syndicate's killers and the suspicious farmers. As published in the pulp magazine Giant Western, before his paperback publisher demanded a title change and alterations.

Also includes a filmography of stars, directors and screenplay writers for all the theatrical films made from the author's westerns.

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