RIDERS OF THE DAWN: A Novel of the Range Wars by Louis L’Amour

He rode into an unknown battle, promising death to men he had never seen, and marriage to a woman he had never met.

When Matt Sabre from Dodge, once Marshal of Mobettle, known as "the Mongollon gunfighter," ambled down from the high blue hills into Hattan's Point he planned to amble out again. But when he looked into the cool black eyes of Olga Maclaren and found both sides in a range war were about to make a power grab for the smallest ranch in the valley because it had biggest source of water, Sabre knew he had to stay. He planned to marry the one and help save the other. But when he discovered the true villain behind all Hattan's Point's troubles, Sabre knew he would have to turn from gunman to peacemaker and bring the warring sides together, or everyone would lose in the coming slaughter. And Matt would lose the biggest prize of all, the love of the woman he couldn't live without. Gunfights, fistfights and western lore highlight this early pulp magazine western by the world's bestselling western novelist Louis L'Amour.

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