Alone he had to face the guns of the law and the guns of an outlaw band.

Here is Louis L'Amour's complete, uncut novel The Trail to Peach Meadow Canyon. Mike Bastian was the son of an outlaw and one of the fastest guns alive—but would he use his skill to break the law or uphold it? Outlaw Ben Curry had adopted Mike Bastian when he was orphaned as a child, raising Mike as his own son, teaching him everything the boy would need to know to follow the owlhoot trail in his footsteps. Mike had grown up to be the fastest draw, the most skilled tracker, and the quickest thinker in the territory. Not once had he ever questioned the path the man he loved as his father had set out for him. But when Mike met Drusilla, the spirited young woman stole his heart. Now with a bloody train robbery and a murderous raid on an unsuspecting ranch planned, Mike found himself wondering where his true loyalty lay. Was it to the man who had raised him? Or to the dream of a home and family which so many other Westerners shared? Either way, he would have to be prepared to go it alone—against the flinty-hearted guns of the law or the guns of the deadliest outlaw band the West had ever known.

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