KILL ME WITH KINDNESS [A Mike Lanson Mystery] by J. Harvey Bond


While Mike Lanson, reporter for the Gazette, was checking up on Clarence Proost, director of the Anti-Vice League, Proost was slain. There was a strip-tease dancer named Luzy who thought that "maybe" she murdered him. The police thought so too, but Mike didn't so he helped her hide out, hoping for the bigger story to break.

All the gangsters in town didn't care who killed whom, all they wanted were the blackmail files Luzy had in hiding with her. With everyone on the merry-go-round of murder, Mike knew the odds were high against the real kingpin of crime showing his head—but he was willing to risk his own as well as Luzy's to headline that story!

"Corruption in a small town, with only a hard-boiled town newspaper reporter interested enough to nose around and find out who’s behind it. The police stymied by either a lack of will or a lack of evidence, and probably both. Dead is an anti-vice crusader who the owner of the newspaper believes is not beyond profiting from a little bit of shakedown on the side himself. A strip-tease dancer named Luzy McGuire—not only involved, but as Lanson also soon begins to learn, the key to his entire investigation. I needn’t tell you more." —Mystery File

In this classic noir thriller you will meet:

Mike Lanson, crime reporter for the Gazette: A journalistic bulldog who never lets go once he sinks his teeth into a story.

Lucrezia, also known as Mabel (Luzy) McGuire: A strip-tease artist whose career could soon be interrupted by death.

Clarence Proost: A professional do-gooder—who finds do-gooding often leads to death.

Mr. and Mrs. Manton Arkwright: A wealthy, middle-aged couple active in the Proost's Citizens Anti-Vice League.

Brick Lorchetto: Operator of the swank Hilltop gambling casino, whose extra-curricular activities could make him a target of blackmail, or murder—or even make him a killer himself.

Jim Bomo, Lorchetto's henchman and bodyguard—he do anything for his boss, even commit murder or multiple murders.

Ramcaster, county prosecutor—who knows everything going on in town but for some reason is reluctant to act.