HONEY IN THE FLESH [A Honey West Mystery, #4] by G. G. Fickling


Occupation: Private eye

Description: Taffy-colored hair, blue eyes

Warning: Usually armed — the nerviest, curviest, brainiest, sexiest private eye ever to pull a trigger, or toss three gangland bruisers overboard singlehanded.

Residence: Los Angeles.

I'm Honey West, private eye. Yes, I am a girl gumshoe. And I am all mixed up in a murder at a beauty contest. The bevy of beautiful babes is international, the prize is big and the stakes are high—and I am sure I can hold my own in a bathing suit, and have them all beat for brains But that means I might be the next one marked for murder, There have been two so far, and the killer—whoever he or she is, doesn’t look like stopping.

Right now I am on the balcony of a high-rise interviewing one of the contestants who looks like she might fit the frame for being the murderer, but she tells me she knows I'm the guilty party, and then gives me a shove right over the railing…

Right then, that diamond ring Homicide lieutenant Mark Storm wanted to put on my finger looked like the better career choice. But I knew that even if I survived, I'd never drop the case. Because I am Honey West, and private detectiving is what I do and who I am.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this pulp story about the 'nerviest, curviest private detective in LA!' Looking forward to reading more!" —Patty, Goodreads

"The action doesn’t stop. Not to mention she keeps waking up with murdered people. This was a fun read from the start to finish." —V. E. Johnson, Amazon

"Blonde, busty, fearless, with a gun tucked under her skirt, Honey West dazzled readers. And, if Honey weren't exciting enough on her own, in a twisting, turning, convoluted plot she's going to figure out no matter what it takes." —Dave, Goodreads.