MYSTERY OF THE STUNTMAN’S GHOST [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

A stuntman is killed near Lone Pine, California, during the filming of an Errol Flynn movie, The Charge of the Light Brigade. Within weeks of that death, a ghostly image of the late stuntman is seen riding in the hills and well-planned movie stunts start going wrong—in a very deadly way.

A telegram from a beautiful stuntwoman seeking help sends Hollywood Cowboy Detective Sean "Curly" Woods to the site of her current film, where he must uncover the source of seemingly supernatural threats to the cast of the film Hopalong Cassidy Returns. With the help of western film stars William Boyd and George Hayes, Curly must track down the villainous specter, survive a series of deadly traps, while seeking a culprit who might belong to this world or the next. Non-stop action and quite a few laughs highlight this Hollywood Cowboy Detectives short story, "Mystery of the Stuntman's Ghost."

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