MYSTERY OF THE HOWLING ANGELS [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

"Purcell writes the series in the style of the great Saturday matinee serials of the 1930s and illustrates them along the lines of the western pulps of the same era." —Tom Johnson, Pulp Echos

It’s 1938 and western stars Tom Mix and Hoot Gibson join Republic Pictures flack Sean “Curly” Woods in a race from Hollywood to the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma, to keep one step ahead of murderous agents of the Congressional Shadow Caucus, an organization of federally elected officials who support an alliance with Nazi Germany. The trio engage in shootouts on Route 66 in California, battles against an attacking force in Phoenix, Arizona, and on a passenger train in Texas, aerial combat and ambushes in the wilderness of the legendary Hundred and One Ranch on the panhandle of Oklahoma. Warned by tribal spirits and dogged by howling forces from beyond the grave, Mix, Gibson and Woods fight traitors who have chosen to carry the banner of evil against their own country. Another Great War is coming, and, although they remain secret to most citizens, the first battles are waged in Washington and America’s great Southwest. Old friends and new unite in the struggle against fascist killers, some of whom consider themselves patriotic Americans.

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