MYSTERY OF THE HARDBOILED HOOTER [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

Tighten your cinch! You're about to ride with the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives as you've never seen them before.

In "Mystery of the Hardboiled Hooter," Sean "Curly" Woods, Hoot Gibson and a posse of adventurous friends embark on a trail of vengeance, to track and kill the murderer of one of Hollywood's greatest film cowboys.

Along the way, these white-hatted heroes encounter 1940's American Fifth Columnists including U.S. Senator Burton Wheeler, Charles Lindbergh and an ambassador to Ireland as well as members of the news and entertainment industries. The cowboys battle Nazi assassins, who attempt to send them to Boot Hill in a variety of well-choreographed "accidents," plus the use of deadly gas, starving diseased rats and a gigantic ancient creature that lives off horse manure and human flesh.

The action takes place from the streets of Hollywood, California, across the Southwest to an Arizona dude ranch near Wickenburg. The Hooter and friends go undercover to root out the enemy beneath western skies and deep into abandoned prospector diggin's. Unlike any prior Hollywood Cowboy Detectives adventure, these western heroes are focused on revenge!

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