MYSTERY OF THE CORRIGANVILLE CRAVEN [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

Like Universal Pictures' famous monsters, some horrors seem to slither their way out of ash heaps to continue to haunt our world again and again with fiendish behavior and salacious headlines.

It's 1941 and the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives are confronted by an evil for all ages. Legendary western star Hoot Gibson, Republic Pictures flack Sean "Curly" Woods and chauffeur Nick Danby are assigned to investigate a powerful studio executive who may be victimizing young women. Rumored to be master of a predatory casting couch, Hank Wales is believed to have raped 17-year-old Binnie Russell, yet she is found dead before any charge can be made. Hoot, Curly and Nick do not agree with the police report that states her death was either suicidal or accidental.

Dominant influences in Tinseltown have protected sexual predators over many years for a variety of reasons. But the three white-hatted cowboy heroes from Republic Pictures don't care how powerful the villains think they are. They just know that truth and justice are worth fighting for. And the innocent must be protected.

With "Mystery of the Corriganville Craven," former editorial cartoonist Darryle Purcell, who also writes and illustrates the Man of the Mist series, brings readers another Hollywood Cowboy Detectives short story in this tense, unique adventure that Curly Woods simply considers, "all in a day's work."

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