MYSTERY OF THE COWBOYS OF THE MIST [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

It’s 1938 and 12-and-a-half-year-old newsboy Clyde Hannigan is putting his life on the line in a fight against organized crime in this short-story spinoff from the Man of the Mist series. And he gets an assist from the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives.

An attempt to murder the young entrepreneur leads to a battle to the death against strong-arm mobsters trying to take over newsstands and arcades throughout Los Angeles. Clyde and his heroic friends track the violent criminals to their headquarters only to find out someone in local government is protecting the racketeers.

Violence, revenge and double-dealing permeate the action from the beginning until the thrillingly unique conclusion of this tale of depression-era corruption that mirrors contemporary headlines about payoffs and political misconduct. Clyde Hannigan, newsboy, invites readers to tag along on a trail where reality becomes confusing and evil stalks the city streets like a deadly fog.

Like most of the mysteries written and illustrated by former newspaper editor and political cartoonist Darryle Purcell, Cowboys of the Mist involves equal parts of humor and action as the story unfolds.

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