MYSTERY OF THE AMERICAN YETI [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

The Hollywood Cowboy Detectives ride again!

"The action never stops, as Purcell captures the speedy pace of the classic pulps while adding a healthy dose of comedic banter to ease the suspense along the way to his action-packed finale." —Pulp Fiction Reviews

It’s early 1941 and Germany’s National Socialists have joined forces with Russia’s Soviet Socialists to sabotage the American way of life. Republic Pictures flack Curly Woods, studio chauffeur Nick Danby and western film stars Hoot Gibson and William S. Hart have saddled up to put their lives on the line for the red, white and blue in this full-length non-stop action adventure.

The cowboys travel to the Cascade Mountains in northern California to track down information on a newsreel crew that vanished in 1929 while attempting to catch the legendary Sasquatch on film. During their efforts, they discover an ancient hidden city built thousands of years ago, which has been taken over by a psychotic madman who is funded by the Nazi and Communist regimes. The evil despot’s fortress contains a hospital of death where innocent civilians become victims of sadistic experimentation. Curly and Hoot, with the help of Bill Hart and Nick Danby, battle foreign and domestic saboteurs, gigantic metal creatures designed to kill and destroy, and an army of enemy fanatics. And then there’s the Sasquatch!

Hollywood Cowboy Detectives' Mystery of the American Yeti boils over with pulp-action sci-fi western thrills reminiscent of the amazing Saturday matinee cliffhanger serials of the 1930s and ’40s. Anyone who enjoys the death-defying action performed on the silver screen by the likes of Ken Maynard, Tom Mix, Johnny Mack Brown, Tim McCoy and, yes, Hoot Gibson, will delight in the adventures of the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives. Former newspaper editor and political cartoonist Darryle Purcell also illustrates his Hollywood Cowboy Detectives and Man of the Mist books in the style of the classic pulp publications of the same era.

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