MYSTERY OF THE COWBOY SUMMIT [Hollywood Cowboy Detectives] by Darryle Purcell

In the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives' Mystery of the Cowboy Summit, our white-hatted heroes fight for their lives against terrifying monsters, both human and otherwise, along the Amazon River in Brazil.

It’s the last week of March 1941, and FDR has asked Republic Pictures flack Curly Woods, studio chauffeur Nick Danby and western film stars Hoot Gibson, Buck Jones and Crash Corrigan to attend a Cowboy Summit in Brazil. The President’s plan is for the film stars to slap backs, sign autographs and be all-American goodwill ambassadors to South and Central American business representatives. At the same time, they are expected to keep their cynical eyes open to make sure State Department officials don’t make friends with any “wolves in sheepskin business suits.” A trio of powerful women—State Department official Arlene Mistevin, hostess Maria Sebastian, and Dr. Anita LaFond—keep things interesting for the cowboys.

The HCDs discover that the spectacular yet secluded Rancho Grandé hides deadly secrets more dangerous than the Amazon River’s piranhas, crocodiles and poison-dart-carrying residents. And they come face to face with an organization of extreme maniacs preparing a terror campaign against America’s environment, economy and culture.

Curly and Hoot investigate strange crop circles, only to discover an infestation of gigantic ungodly monsters that prey on horses, cattle and humans. The fight against fanatical terrorists, well-armed enemy agents and horrendous creatures that are the results of science gone mad keeps the pulp-style action going from page one until the heart-pounding climax of Mystery of the Cowboy Summit.

Anyone who enjoys the death-defying action performed on the silver screen by the likes of Ken Maynard, Tom Mix, Johnny Mack Brown, Tim McCoy and, yes, Hoot Gibson, will delight in the adventures of the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives. This time, classic western stars Buck Jones and Crash Corrigan join Curly, Hoot and Nick in the pulp-action sci-fi western thrills reminiscent of the amazing Saturday matinee cliffhanger serials of the 1930s and ’40s. Former newspaper editor and political cartoonist Darryle Purcell also illustrates his Hollywood Cowboy Detectives and Man of the Mist books in the style of the classic pulp publications of the same era.

"Once again, Purcell invites his readers along displaying a genuine love of his characters, both real and fictional, and his understanding of the times. [His books are] "rootin-tootin’ gems." —Pulp Fiction Reviews

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